The offshore
delivery service

Providing safe, efficient, and convenient services through innovative and sustainable logistics solutions

The most efficient way to do offshore logistics

We take care of your logistics headaches, and we reduce costs and carbon emissions at the same time


No more long-term charters, use a vessel when you need it


Responsible and reliable operations at our core


A sharing model that drives lower emissions

What's different about SAILE?

The old model


“I pay for my own vessels, but don’t fully utilise the deck-space”


“We are locked into long-term contracts for boats that can sit idle”


“There are no easy ways to share vessels between operators”

The SAILE way


No more long-term charters, use a vessel when you need it


Responsible and reliable operations at our core


A vessel-sharing model that drives lower emissions

Our delivery options


Recurring delivery options to your offshore location. Pay only for the deck-space you need. Don’t charter a vessel. Book a delivery

Call us and explain your requirements.

We’ll create a bespoke delivery service.

You can manage everything on the portal.

Make changes whenever you need to.

Right now

When you need it there now, pre-purchase tokens to exchange for hotshot deliveries. We’re always ready

Call us and explain your requirements.

Choose how many hotshot tokens you need.

You’re ready to go. Call us when needed.

You can mange everything on the portal.

Prices from $17/ft²

Gulf of Mexico

Prices from $17/ft²

North Sea

Prices from $16/ft²

West Africa

Prices from $16/ft²

Southeast Asia


Where we operate

We are expanding our operations into new regions. To set up a Saile service in your region, contact us now

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The SAILE portal

For tracking, booking, and account management


• Live shipment status, AIS, webcam, 24/7 chat
• Advance loading and delivery windows


• Sign-up to regular delivery schedules
• Available 12 months ahead
• ‘Last minute’ booking options


• Manage your tokens
• Make bookings online or over the phone

The net zero delivery service

Saile takes ownership of logistics emissions and we are committed to transparent reporting on our journey to net zero

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