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Our purpose

We deliver in the simplest ways to the most difficult places

Our aim

Providing safe, efficient, and convenient services through innovative and sustainable logistics solutions

Our mission

To change how the world delivers offshore

Who we are

Saile’s founders came together through a belief that logistics can be done in a more efficient way, for everybody. Our common passion for technology, sustainability, and designing simple solutions to complex problems, drove us to create a logistics business that combines all three. We are bringing change for the better and we want you to join us.

Saul Moorhouse


“Our mission is to change how the world delivers offshore, because this way it’s better for everybody”

Brad McCoy


“Improving efficiency is our number one goal; it drives costs down, improves the safety and reliability of our operations, and pushes us and our partners to net zero”

Johnathan Stone


“Sustainability runs right through the core of what we do: reducing emissions, protecting our environment, and providing for people”

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